Golden Casa Immobiliare

Golden Casa Immobiliare is a highly specialized company in real estate brokerage, with its center of interest revolving both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Our attention is mainly focused on the Taranto hinterland as well as throughout Southern Italy.

For these areas, our customers will be able to enjoy the full time support of our staff, highly specialized and updated in all areas of negotiation and intermediation that combine the demand of those who sell, rent or dispose of individual real estate units or entire assets and the offer. of the subjects intending to purchase, whether it is private individuals or institutional realities.

Thanks to values ​​that have always been recognized by its customers, such as discretion and professional seriousness, Golden Casa has always pursued its corporate mission, that is to meet the needs of all its customers, whether they are sellers or buyers, doing it safely. and respecting both sides, but above all: doing it with and for passion.

Our headquarters is located in Corso Due Mari 9, in the splendid setting of the Ponte Girevole Taranto, while the office, open to all your needs, will be found in Corso Umberto 67, right in front of Palazzo Archita. Here, to welcome you, five expert personalities with their own spearhead in providing a technologically advanced service, as well as scrupulous towards the current regulations and their natural evolution.

Our main expertise revolves around marketing and all-round communication, whether it is standard tools such as advertising in newspapers, periodicals or trade magazines; whether it is promotional and telematic use on real estate sites and portals; The wide range of action of our marketing sector is purely aimed at embracing every segment, category and target of customers, looking for it where the latter is most at ease, whether it is the traditional pages of a newspaper / magazine. or whether it is a faster website or web portal that can be quickly consulted on a smartphone. The whole is also meticulously supported by a large database in continuous expansion.

The commercial and residential proposals that we will propose to you based on your needs are primarily studied with care and after evaluations in accordance with the current market situation.

In helping you to make a judgment of interest to them, we will also be ready to assist you with the crucial technical aspects, as well as with contractual ones where the opinion of an expert in the technical / legal field is required. Our assistance will also continue touching the notary, cadastral and tax areas until the full and total satisfaction of our customers.

An overview of our range of services:

- Valuations, appraisals and real estate consultancy: completely free service, carried out with professionalism and using a database updated to the latest market trends, capable of continuous and widespread monitoring on the evolution of supply and demand. In the event of an exchange, we are able to manage the problems related to the sale of your apartment at the same time as those relating to the purchase of a new property, all with contractual solutions with maximum transparency and guarantee.

- Evaluations, leases, drafting and registration of contracts; Even commercial and residential leases follow the philosophy of our company, that is to put in contact a demanding clientele, whether they are private individuals or companies both Italian and foreign. with quality properties. We are also able to provide a complete service, including: drafting of contracts, registrations, inventories and all related practices.

- Management of sales, exchanges, bare ownership, usufruct;

- Personalized search of properties;

- Consultancy and specific advertising for companies and construction sites;

- Computerized management, with images of the properties present in the internal database;

- Competent real estate agents, located on the territory and able to manage any problem in real time;

- Availability of a technician-surveyor to deal with municipal and cadastral practices;

- An architect for the creation of tailor-made projects, similar to your needs;

- The presence of sellers directly at the properties for information and on-site visits;

- Technical and legal assistance;

- Notary assistance;

- Tax Advice;

- Loans (agreements are in progress with the major Italian banks).

To find out more, come and visit us at our offices:

• Operational Headquarters: Corso Umberto n. 67 - 74123 Taranto

Oppure, contattateci semplicemente: Tel.

(Claudia Fedele)

Cellulare: +39 392.188.61.99

sito internet:

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